Identifying Fallacies

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Identifying FallaciesNewspaper Article:1. Find one example of a fallacy from a newspaper editorial, and another example from an opinion magazine.

The Associated Press. (2006, November 15). Catholic bishops OK gay ministry guidelines. Daily Press, p. A9.

2. For each fallacy you find, summarize the issue.

The nations Roman Catholic bishops adopt new guidelines for gay outreach. Gay catholic activists push for a ministry to people with gay and homosexual tendency by a vote of 194-37. The chairman of bishops acknowledges that gay and lesbian Catholics have had a difficult task, but finds it to be necessary and good. Parishioners are instructed to help Catholics avoid the lifestyle and values of a gay subculture. Gays are discouraged from telling anyone of their sexual orientation outside their close friends and supporters in the church. Also, adopted children of gay and lesbian couples are aloud to be baptized so long as they are being raised in the faith.

3. Determine which side of the issue the writer supports.

I believe the writer is neutral because he or she uses quotes from other sources to get the news across. The writer did not give his or her name. It would appear that the writer does not want any affiliation to the article because they use the words “THE ASSOCIATED PRESS” where the authors name would be.

4. Categorize the fallacies based on their characteristics, and describe the impact of the fallacies on their respective articles.

1. Pseudo reasoning:The article offers considerations meant to persuade readers to accept the claim that gay and lesbian Catholics should be aloud to stay in the church as long as the do not tell anyone their sexual orientation.

I believe the impact is negative to the argument because, on one hand, the church is accepting gays and lesbians and...