Illegal Immigration vs. Education; The Unachievable American Dream

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One of the most significant issues in most recent years has been the problem of illegal immigration in the United States. Yet, little has been done to change this issue and no incentives have been made to establish terms to adequately fix the problem. As a subsequent consequence, thousands of talented, intellectually-qualified students whom happen to be undocumented, lack the means to authorize their status as residents or legal immigrants. Facing a number of obstacles many of these undocumented students, from varied ethnic backgrounds, are forced to endure many hardships after high school. Lacking the possibility of receiving financial-aid, most scholarships, and other assistance programs, (which are offered to all residents as the regular standard for help to a higher education), a diverse group of people are unknowingly alienated. In addition, without being able to obtain residency or any form of legal status, these immigrants cannot work and contribute to the economy, making it even harder to pay for college.

The current immigrant federal and state laws diminish the hopes of thousands of people, more specifically undocumented students, hindering their ability of achieving their educational goals and ultimately altering their perception of the American Dream for the worst.

The United States was established by a group of rebelling colony immigrants, who exercised their inalienable human rights of liberty and freedom. From there and after, the United States became known as a country of equality, advocating the basic principle that all people are created equal. From the American Revolutionary War, all the way to the Civil Rights movements, the United States has been a nation of hope and change, which in a personified sense shares and screams the sentiment, “Yes We Can!” In the same light, thousands of illegal students resiliently hold their heads up, while facing many hardships, in...