Image Management Procedures

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Many factors go into determining how best to produce an image that you need. In this chapter, you will explore some of these factors and learn to make decisions that will help you in selecting the best possible image format for your projects.

Painting versus DrawinglCommon graphics applications lCorel Graphics Suite lAdobe Photoshop lAdobe Illustrator lJasc Paint Shop Pro lTwo types of programs lPainting lUse pixels (picture elements) leasier to use lDrawing lUse vectors (mathematically defined lines and curves) lProduce better quality results

File extension - the two to four letters following the dot in the name of a file. For example, msword.doc, picture.jpg, cartoon.gif, webpage.html, graphic.tif lViewing file extensions in Windows (demo) lMy Computer >> Open C: >>View/Tools >> View >> uncheck "Hide File Extensions..."

Native (default) format - a file format specific to a particular graphics program lPhotoshop - .psd lCorel PHOTO-PAINT - .cpt lCoreDRAW - .cdr lUsually, an image should first be saved in it's native format before altering it to a different file type lOnce an image has been saved it it's native format, it can then be opened again and again and "saved as" any other type of format

Different file formats are appropriate for different situations lThe end use of the file helps to determine which format to use (printed on paper, published to the Internet, exported to a different application, etc.)

lKnowledge of file formats will enable you to determine the most appropriate type to save a graphic as

Paint programs create bitmap images made of pixels lEach pixel has a defined color, size, and location in the image lThe sharpness of the image is determined by the density of the pixels lThe density of the pixels is known as the resolution lResolution is defined dots per inch (dpi) and is expressed as...