The Imaginary Rhumbago People

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In order to understand and determine the cause of the illness that the Rhumbago people have been afflicted with, one must look for the exception. As with every sickness, there must be at least one person living on the island of Rhum that either does not have this disease, or has a minor case of the illness. Thus, it is the job of those who are studying this illness to find the people that are the exceptions to the disease so that they are able to find a way to cure those who are afflicted.

In order to combat this problem, the researchers must first find the people that are not afflicted with this disease. This can only be done through the observation of the people living on the island of Rhum. Through observation, the scientists can divide the individuals who are afflicted with the illness from those who are either not afflicted with the disease, or have a milder case of the illness. Once this has been done, they must observe and note the differences between individuals that have been placed in the two different parties. After the differences between individuals of the two groups have been examined, the researchers must review the differences and note the possible causes of the illness: the things that are evident in those who have the illness and those who do not have the sickness, or those who have a milder case. Once these possible causes have been determined, the scientists can narrow down the list of possibilities by determining the traits that are evident in all of the individuals that do not have the illness.

Through this method of looking for the exception, the cause of the illness can be determined. Once the cause has been determined and removed from the lives of the individuals living on the island of Rhum, the illness should disappear from the society. If, however, the sickness does not disappear, the researchers can use a method of trial and error as they test the Rhumbagos and determine a possible treatment, or a potential vaccination, for the disease.