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Building a New Home I have been a journalist for the New York Times for over thirty years and I have covered all types of stories, but non-like the one that you are about to read. This story goes in depth about an entire culture and their long hard struggle to achieve freedom and build a new home for their entire culture. Over the past few decades it would appear that our fair city has become home to over fifty four percent of new immigrants that have decided to try to build a new life in America. The main reason for this is due to the fact that New York is home to the largest and most well known immigration station in America, Ellis Island. I have decided to place my focus on one culture, Italians, because New York has recently boasted the largest population of Italians in America. New York seems to be the place of choice for Italian immigrants to reside, with and over ninety seven percent of the new Italian population.

Coming to a foreign place to build a new life involves over coming many trials and tribulations, which is exactly what the Italians were forced to do.

One of the main troubles for early Italian immigrants coming to New York was finding an area of the city to live in. One of the largest resting-places for Italians was the Mulberry district, which was located in lower Manhattan. If you look at the map attached at the end of this article you can see that the Mulberry districts border was Broadway on the west, Bowery on the east, Houston Street on the north, and Worth Street on the south. This district is best known for the features of the Mulberry Bend, which was one of the...