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August 10, 1882 After many days of not having work my husband and I have decided to leave are beloved country for the dreamed filled America. My husband says that we can have a better life there because the land is filled with milk and honey, and anyone who wants a job can have one. Many other Mexicans have left Mexico because of the dramatic request for labor workers. The rumors also say that the American government gives out land for free, I am still not convinced if that is true or not. Still I trust my husband's judgment and I think he is doing the right thing for us.

August 23, 1882 My husband and I went to the American Embassy in order to receive the items we would need in order to be accepted in the country. Ever since the Mexican-American war a lot of Mexican colonist in California, and Texas have been conquered and pulled away from their roots, my first thought was that we should settle in one of those areas.

My husband said that he knew about a job in Michigan working gardening for the Roberts Family. Unlike me, my husband Pepe only thinks we can excel in physical toil were I think if he can get a better education in at least go through the high school level, he could get a better job than gardening. One thing we won't be able to control is the prejudice that Americans are known for toward Immigrants.

September 12, 1882 I had to go to the hospital to get a copy of my birth Certificate. Pepe received a letter from his cousin Antonio who is currently working with the Roberts family. He tells how much money he has been making, and...