Impact of Technology on Sales Case Study

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Summary of the Case StudyG.W. Pergault Inc is an established $4.2 billion supplier of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products that sells pipe fittings, light bulbs, ladders and hundreds of thousands of other MRO products to business customers throughout North America (Rich, G. 2004). The organization was established in 1952 and have grown over the years. The company started out with a mail-order catalog that have grown to over 4,000 pages (Rich,G. 2004). Years down the line the catalog was placed online for customers and gave customers the advantage to place orders via the web. Although the web is available to customers, the catalog ranks #1 with how orders are placed. The company has 3 options for a customer to place orders, Sales reps that can personally take the order from the client, mail-order catalog and the web. 80% of the company sales are handled personally by sale reps. G.

W. brought on Cecilia Fiorni which is an enthusiastic, charismatic leader as the president. Fiorni wants to make changes to the company, that she feels will take the company in another direction and bring in higher revenue. Fiorni's goal is to move a higher percentage of salees rep to the e-commerce business to conduct business. Fiorni believes this will reduce the amount of errors, free up some time for the sales rep so they can complete creative selling activities and cut back cost and save the organization thousands of dollars.

What advice should sales managers Ken Sutton give to his company president, Cecilia Fiorni, in order to improve her e-commerce plan and make it successful?Although Cecilia have the experience working with a technology firm, the previous firm she worked with was rather small compared to G.W. Ken can suggest for Cecilia to take the action plan with increasing sales reps...