Implications of Canada’s Involvement in Afghanis

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Never has there been a time in the United States and Canada, in recent memory that has seen tensions between the two run so high. The American government, more specifically President Bush, has single handedly alienated the Canadian people by threatening to impose embargos on Canada's booming economy. In this essay, I will try to explain why tensions between the United States and Canada are running higher and higher between each passing day.

History has shown as well as in contemporary times that the United States flexes its power in the face of countries that do not comply one hundred percent with American policy. This flexing that the United States does in the face of these countries has been called "bullying". Why should we continue to let the Americans over ride the United Nations Security Counsel on mere suspicion that a country has weapons of mass Destruction? The United Sates is the most powerful country on the planet in several ways.

The United States has made it clear that it will "defeat" any countries that attempt to hinder the United States' goal to rid this planet of terrorists and/or rouge nations.

What ever happened to due process? What ever happened to a democratic vote in the United Nations Security Counsel? There are many theories as to why Bush bypassed this entire process. Many say Iraq was invaded simply because of its vast oil fields. I believe that was half the reason the United Sates went into Iraq in the first place. I believe that the former leader Saddam was an ogour who needed to be ousted as well as his deranged biological lineage. However, was this done the right way. Could there have been other ways to solve these issues in Iraq without a full blown invasion? I firmly believe...