What Is The Importance of Academic Rigor?

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Determination is the greatest thing to have towards a great education and future. It is very important to have a motivation in academics. Education is like the sky, you can look at it when you want, but it will always be there. Academics are the next step to a bright and successful future. Education should be fun, so make it fun by getting involved in school. Join some sports, activities, or a club. It will push them farther in their academic career. It will set goals for them and keep them positive.

If they have a determination in academics they will have a great education. In high school there will many opportunities to decide what they want to do in their life. If they challenge themselves enough they will have a great idea what they want to do. If they do have a good idea, they will have lots of jobs to choose from because they took so many different classes.

In high school they should try to have the best grades, because if they do they could get a scholarship or an invitation to a high-academic known college.

With their motivation in high school they will have a great future. They can get into a great college and have a lot of opportunities in it. Their motivation is essential in their future in every thing they do. With the habits they learned in high school will help them succeed in life. In college they should work twice as hard as they did in high school and be determined to do really good. Not just graduate college but, to graduate it with honors. In their education they should be focused at all times to be ready for school and have all of their work turned in and completed on...