Importance and value of Organizational Behavior.

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An organization is comprised of individuals who make up organizational behavior. From top management down to the last employee, organizational behaviors take shape. How important is Organizational Behavior in the work place? Even though it is determined by the head of an organization to make this decision, I feel it is extremely vital ingredient in the development of a work place. I feel that organizational behavior studies can be very beneficial to almost any organization, or at least I do now after all my readings. I plan on proving my argument with background information and supporting detail, such as the different roles that play in- informational, decisional, environment, productivity, efficiency and the satisfaction.

We already, in this class, defined what organizational behavior is as a whole, but now I would like to start with defining organizational behavior as each one alone. "An organization is consciously coordinated social unit, composed of two or more people that function on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goal or set of goals."

(Robbins, 6) An organization as a word can be applied for many things and it implies structure and order. But in the business meaning, it can be a company, a department or a group of people working together for common goals. It includes the responsibilities, the rights of everyone, and the procedures of work, the clients and the products. So the elements that define the organization can be its persons, goals, products and customers in addition to its suppliers.

According to the dictionary, behavior is the manner of behaving, whether good or bad. Behavior is the mode in which we carry ourselves in the presence of others or towards them; Behavior respects our manner of acting in particular cases (example- our common sense). Behavior can be the way we react,