Importance of Buckminster Fuller

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Buckminster is very important to the future of our environment. He dedicated his entire life to the design revolution, which was a time period in the history that changed the way people thought about preserving the environment. Buckminster was the design outlaw. His designs were very efficient, light, and most importantly self-sufficient. The relationship between design and the environment was and still is very important. People try to come up with many different kinds of design to help preserving the environment that surrounds us every day, so that future generations have a fair share of the environment just like any generation before them. Buckminster succeeded doing more with less, which at that time was a great innovation. He tried to illustrate that it is possible to use ecological machines to control and to develop our future without hurting the environment. He was sometimes referred to as the planet's friendly genius because of his great ideas that concerned the healthy environment and humans well being.

His famous design is the Dymaxion House. It is heated and cooled by natural means, self-powered, earthquake and storm proof, made of permanent and engineered-materials that required no maintenance, easy to clean, and dust free. However, his biggest dream was that someday there would be a city, which would be self-sufficient and do no harm to the environment. Many authors were inspired by Buckminster thoughts and ideas. His insights initiated the Whole Earth Catalog, which was a list of items that were useful as a tool, relevant to independent education, high quality or low cost, and not already common knowledge. Nowadays, many people still take in consideration the ideas that Buckminster came up with many years ago. In order for the future to exist we need to do something now before it might be too...