Incarceration of Minorities

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The Incarceration of Minorities

I. Title Page

II. Introduction



National data (Center for Health and Justice, 2010)

Data for select cities ( (Center for Health and Justice, 2010)

Within this section I will show data of the incarceration of minorities versus non minorities. I will also compare the incarceration rate in the U.S versus other countries. And finally I will show the data of minority incarceration by state.


Racial Profiling ( (Glover, 2009)

Economic Factors

Other causes (Hartney, National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 2006)

In this section I will show the some of the causes which impact the high rate of incarceration of minorities legal and illegal. I will attempt to expose any flaws in our police practices. I will outline the laws imposed which also affect the high rate of minority arrest and imprisonment.


Impact on the individual and family

Impact on communities (Rose, 2004)

Impact on society as a whole

What are the consequences to lose so many minorities to our prison system are there any? Who is affected mentally, emotionally and financially? I provide information which supports my opinion that everyone loses.


Suggestions for the future (McElroy, 2008)

The only place to start here is the beginning and that is by offering better opportunities for minorities. It is equally important to educate our police department about diversity and culture. A review of our judicial system and their laws is necessary as to ensure they are not discriminatory.


African American men are the minorities in the United States however they are the majority within the prison system. In the most of the states, African American men make up the bulk of the prison population with Hispanic men following and Non-Hispanic white men making up the minority. The United States...