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Providing job satisfaction and incentives for employees should be a priority for employers because job satisfaction helps to retain employees and contributes to a companies continued success. All organizations should have incentive plans relating to its organizations objectives. The company I currently work for objectives are to "go above and beyond promoting a profitable and sustainable business that meets the customers expectations and to maximize opportunities." The CEO of Commercial Interiors (CI) is also big on family, "trying to make employees families feel like members of the CI family and the CI family values, integrity, teamwork, effective communication, empowerment, and fun." Some employees do seem very committed to the organization, care about the quality of work they produce, and are more productive because the company seems to care about its employees and its employees families. In this paper, I will discuss how some incentive plans relate to organizational objectives and how these incentives plans do, or do not help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

Performance evaluations are completed on an annual basis on each employee to ensure that employees are actively contributing to the team and the organizations goals. The performance evaluations are not as effective as they should be perhaps because we have no HR personnel. The evaluation forms are not truly a reflection of the organizations goals and objectives. Incentive plans and organizations goals should reflect the evaluation forms therefore, the evaluation forms do not help the organization in achieving its goals.

Salary, flexibility, growth, interpersonal relationships, and a since of value should be taken into consideration when planning incentive programs. Those aspects help employees to be productive within an organization. Commercial Interiors offer great benefits such as annual raises, positive managers, rewards, and flexibility, which is very important to people especially during challenging personal...