Incident that altered life

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A millennium had passed, and another was soon to arrive - a fact that resulted in the holding of the party of the century - the millennium party; this I was not going to miss for anything in the world. It was also an event which taught me a proverbial lesson the hard way; it truly determined to me what 'health is wealth' truly means. Little did I know that the following couple of hours would result in the formation of a completely new me.

Life has its own twists and turns. One might say that it is a roller-coaster ride that every teenager sits in - and as it happens, I was no different. Two activities which had held me in awe from an early age were drinking and smoking. As the ride proceeded, these admirations became addictions which were unlikely to stop had the events of this particular night not taken place.

No matter how dead my home town may be all throughout the year, it tends to come to its best when hosting special occasions - and what occasion is more special than the celebrating of the passing of a hundred years? As the countdown began, city central was jam-packed and to lose a personal belonging in that rush was like losing a needle in a haystack. To hear someone speaking was a Herculean task for the honk of cars, the ear-bursting sounds of noise-makers, and to top it all of crowds screaming their lungs out making sure that they are heard. Indeed, the atmosphere was intense and the crowds were wild. Then, it happened - the clock struck midnight marking the setting of one millennium and the dawn of another.

When one finds himself in such an environment, it is not easy to stay aloof or...