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Essay Question:The inter-racial and inter-class harmony depicted in Independence Day can be regarded as a sort of American fantasy of a society in which individuals are judged for who they are and not on the basis of their gender, class or race. Please analyze and make comments.

Independence Day - American fantasy of a society

In the film Independence Day, people in different backgrounds cling together for the victory in times of trouble, and shows us American fantasy of a society.

Inter-racial people and inter-class people lived together harmoniously in the film. In order to present the harmony picture, the director Roland Emmerich designed various people for the film, such as the USA president Thomas who was a pilot, unambitious electronics genius David who works for a cable television, Press Secretary Spano, unlucky former fighter pilot Russell, ambitious ace fighter pilot captain Steven and the stripper Jasmine�.

These people who represent to the highest social class or the lowest status lived in the same environment without prejudice or flattery. Especially, the director made the role of different race, the black, white and jew. People who have different racial and different class did not fight with each other for their private interest but made a concerted effort to fight against the aliens. And these kinds of sharp contrast worked out the blueprint which can be called American fantasy.

Everyone can be a hero if he or she wants to be. David used his brilliant brain to work out the data and came up with the method to defeat the aliens. During fighting against the enemy, the captain Steven tried his best to kill the aliens. In crisis situation, the President made a speech to encourage people and devoted himself...