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Species introduced to a new region may harm plants and animals. A business or government agency needs to consider not only the disease-causing and environmental effects of introducing a nonindigenous species to another country, but also how other countries will benefit from the economic stimulation and new food resources.

The most important consideration is the spread of disease. During the SARS outbreak of 2003, a total of 8098 people worldwide became sick (B); scientists think that humans can acquire infection directly from imported animals like civets. Human safety is should be at the top of every business and government list. Unfortunately, disease is not limited to only humans. During the 1990s, Jenny and Delan Perry's 70-acre papaya farm was destroyed by an exotic microbe (D). By 1994, the virus had erupted into a full-blown epidemic, effectively eliminating the local papaya industry. By annihilating the livelihood of the local papaya growers, foreign microbes caused the pain and suffering of an entire Hawaiian community.

Also, species moved beyond their natural ranges are likely to become invasive (E), sabotaging the delicate food chain. The health of the environment must be carefully considered when a simple infestation of balsam woolly adelgids can quickly destroy a significant amount of balsam fir trees (A). The insects were accidentally imported, so businesses and government agencies need to consider how secure a plane or ship is before approving importation of any resource. Resources should only be purchased when the business is confident of the transportation system, otherwise deadly accidents become more prone to occur.

Even when nonindigenous species are intentionally introduced to manipulate a native problem, the effects can be devastating. In 1935, when Australian government officials imported cane toads to battle sugar-cane-eating beetles (F). Unfortunately, the officials did not predict that the ravenous toads would begin eating...