The Individual in Ancient China and Greece

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Classical Greece and classical China became two different societies because of their differing governments. The small islands and mountainous regions that make up Greece caused their government to be smaller and much more democratic then China's. Greece's democratic government caused the civilization to become more independent with less government restrictions. The open lands and different trade routes that are a part of China caused it to become a greater civilization with a big government and strict rules. They required each person in China to honor their government. The people strived to become good citizens and they relied on wisdom and understanding to guide them through their lives.

Document B shows the many islands and peninsulas of Greece. The mild climate promoted agriculture and the Mediterranean Sea provided fish. This climate shaped the Government into an open and free democracy. Document M shows the large land mass of China which contained many rivers that made farming easy.

The opens lands of China created a stricter government rule over China. China was not as free and the Great Wall of China shows that they valued protection and isolation. The two different geographies of Greece and China caused them to grow into two different societies. In Greece, freedom was held above everything and in China, respect for the government and wisdom was held very highly.

Documents F and H talk about family life in Greece. In ancient Greece, the son in the family greatly respected his father. The son also would bear the same enemies as his father. Parents would only offer their children the best and loved them more than anything else in the world. Parents in ancient China also shared the deep love for children that the Greeks had but they also worked on shaping their children into honorable citizens. Document...