Individual Behavior and Communication Paper

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Shelly M Husch

University of Phoenix

Individual Behavior and Communication Paper

Beliefs, Values, and Attitudes

In a fast paced business world the respect coworkers once had for one another has become rare. As more individuals feel incapacitated by mergers, acquisitions, downsizing and layoffs, respect for coworkers in the workplace has increased (Walston, 2008).

In a time of financial difficulties individuals are working just to keep a home for their families and fuel in their vehicles to get to their place of employment. Employees tend to get caught up in the day to day routine, person values and beliefs change, and attitudes are quite often on the rise, and rudeness prevails. Here are some examples of rude behavior that may be encountered in various places of employment; personal calls during meetings and taking credit for someone else's idea. The best course of action to take in these situations managers and coworkers need to work together to establish as a standard of civil conduct, and to confront issues by expressing concerns of the situation affects the work environment (Walston, 2008).

The type of beliefs, values and attitudes that coworkers have contribute to the success or failure of a company, consider this scenario a family decides to go on a vacation, they get to the hotel at their chosen destination and the room is not sanitary. The family calls the housekeeping department and the woman in-charge states that the situation is not her problem. This attitude shows that the employee is self-centered, this negatively affect the business because those customers most likely will not return, and will inform their closest friends and family.

For a business to operate on a high level of success the employees must have high standards of beliefs, values and attitudes. Employees are representing the organization by which they...