An individual's greatness cannot be judged objectively by his or her contemporaries, the most objective evaluators of a persons greatness are people who belong to later time.

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The brilliant mind of human has lead to the civilized world with lots of achievements in the field of social and science affairs. In history, there are lots of people who were not well honored for their achievements but their greatness would have to be objectively evaluated by the people in the later time. I believe in the statement insofar an individual greatness cannot be judged by their contemporaries but better evaluated by the people belong to later time. The reasons for my belief are stated below.

My first belief can be extracted from a famous saying that truth is born from lot of struggle with their contemporaries and powerful authorities. The saying well fits on John Flamsteed, the father of modern astronomy. He was the person who corrected all the astronomical tables in use in the seventeenth century. He provided Newton with the observations that made that great man's own discoveries possible.

Racked with pain, handicapped by poverty, cramped and thwarted by his contemporaries, even by Newton himself. John gave this world his life's work and the greatest contribution to astronomy. Hence strengthen my belief.

My second belief can be stated by an example of a great scientist Galileo Galile. He was the person who supported the Copernican theory of astronomy that brought him under conflict with the contemporary cultures, traditions and religions in that era, which banned his entry in the church and darkened his life and achievements about astronomy. But later on it was successfully proved to be true.

In contrast to the other side sometimes it is true that an individual's greatness can be judged by his or her contemporaries. As in today's world many inventions are being done in the field of agriculture, literature, arts, technology, etc., by a number of individuals. They are...