An Inevitable Canadian American Union

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Historically, for the most part, Canada and the United States have been on good terms, and they have been able to assemble many mutual agreements strengthening their relationship. What I believe is that with time, this relationship will strengthen even more, and the border shared between the U.S and Canada will inevitably disappear. Our home and native land will merge with the land of the brave and become one. As scary a thought as this may seem, the cold hard truth stands strong and we simply cannot deny the idea. Evidence from the past and present has shown significant thinning of the boundaries between Canada and the United States in political, economic and cultural areas. Their country to country relations are very close in their economy, and undeniable similarities of all aspects exist between them. Also, the past history of American annexation combined with its world power today will play a strong role in merger.

A union of Canada and United States will inevitably occur in the future.

After years of countless agreements and arguments, Canada's economic relations with the United States have become closer than ever and beneficial to both countries. In 1989, the Free-Trade Agreement was passed in Canada allowing for the present North American Free Trade Agreement to be signed, giving Canada and the United States open access to each other's markets for numerous goods. The Auto-Pact of 1965 guaranteed free trade in automobiles between the USA and Canada, tying their economies even closer together. Since then, many other agreements have been made between the two countries with remarkable ease and speed, proving a strong and secure relationship. This relationship is so strong that America is now investing funds in Canada. U.S companies put money into Canadian resources and collect most for the profits, while at the...