From Infancy To Infantry

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From Infancy To Infantry

The world's population and continents contains thousands of different cultures, diversities and nationalities. Among these a fraction are Americans but when that fraction is divided into different careers and professions of Americans only 0.5% serve in the armed forces. So it is easy to understand that of 0.5% even less have the honor of serving in the United States Army. In the army the amount of honor and selfless service of country and comrades are not equal with each job duty and it is my goal to make that clearly understood. The information mentioned above states that not all job duties in the United States Army are equal. There are 3 basic categories in the United States Army while in any war resulting in casualties and those categories are the POG, the Fobbit, and the Grunt.

The POG is a term that was developed in Vietnam, it stands for personnel other than grunt. Back then when it was first developed it was a title generally given to those who were the rear echelon. When the term was developed it was just a simple analogy but through time, conflict, and war it developed into a demeaning label used as a direct insult by the infantry.

POG's are the only ones on the F.O.B (forward operating base) in cleaned, unstained, untorn and somehow creased uniforms. The age varies from 19-45, they are too lazy to carry their basic m16 so they usually carry a lighter m9 pistol instead. POG's are both males and females, the males will always have a tapered fresh high and tight. Lacking physical and personal discipline they are generally overweight and out of shape which we call a fat body but because of their...