The Influence of Little Eva in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe

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Evangeline St. Clair, also known as "Little Eva", was the daughter of a wealthy slave owner, Augustine St. Claire. She was an unearthly and eccentric child. Even at a young age, she contained knowledge and an intelligible perspective that was wiser than anybody around her. Acquiring traits of grace and purity, it wasn't a mystery why she was perceived as an angel sent from the heavens above, to impact the lives around her. Eva was a symbol of righteousness and was a perfect example of a true Christian. She was faithful to her religion and held it close to her heart until her life faded away. Eva played an important role in the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe because she touched the lives of many people. Tom, Augustine St. Claire, Topsy, and Miss Ophelia were some of the characters in the story that was influenced by this "angel", Little Eva.

Tom, the main character in the story, was a faithful Christian, but was also slave. Tom started off under the ownership of the Shelby family. Within the duration of time under the Shelby's he established a family that consisted of his wife, Chloe and his children. When Mr. Shelby went into debt, he had to sell Tom off in order to keep his property. Being the honest and loyal man that Tom was, Tom was a tragic loss for the Shelby's. Mr. Shelby trusted Tom and he even had Tom assist him by taking care of some of his businesses, which involved handling large sums of money at once. Tom was sold to Haley, a man who held an active occupation within the business of buying and trading slaves. On his journey down south to the slave market, he met the angelic Eva who had grown fond...