What influenced Romeo and Juliet to fall in love

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What influenced Romeo and Juliet to fall in love? Act 1

Children just want to be rebellious just like Juliet and Romeo. For example, Juliet loves Romeo because she feels pressure from her parents to marry. They have an instant attraction, and when a person is young and easily influenced, this is sometimes all it takes to spark love. On the other hand, I think Romeo's mindset prior to seeing Juliet was one of sadness and depression from Rosaline's rejection. When someone is feeling this way, they often look for a way out in order to feel recovered and this mindset of Romeo made him to fall in love with Juliet. Romeos love toward Rosaline was just an infatuation. Meeting Juliet and finding that she is open to helps him to move on from Rosaline.

What can we learn about ourselves and the world we live in from a 16th century play?

Literature doesn't have a time of life; it will remain to teach us valuable morals as we pass through generations to generations.

For example, the play Romeo and Juliet remained me the message that "life-altering decisions based on their love which ended up losing their lives as a result of their relationship". As teenagers in this modern world, every one of us makes drastic choices under pressure or in a rush. In addition, these choices often lead to tragedy. Therefore, these wonderful lessons are still needed, to educate the younger kids in this modern era. Not only this play, there are thousands of literatures that express more about humanity, peace and ancient cultures. The old literature will continue teaches us a lot of things like, think before you act, salient is the most powerful weapon, take responsibility for our freedom and many more.as a result, Most of...