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IntroductionThe KAR Vehicle Hire company has depots in a variety of places of Britain. The organization rents cars to private customers and buy new vehicles and sale old vehicles. Each part of staff such as Depot Manger, Office Administrator and Booking Agents are doing their duty in most regular method. That office administrator doing all the work of the depot including keeping the office accounts. All the staff of company know how to carry their jobs and how to involve reviewing the report and recording and acting on problem. The responsibility of dealing out with the depot management is processed by Depot Manager who looks after all the work of the branch, supervises the salespeople, booking agents and others who work at this branch.

The Booking Agents use their systematic way of communication with a customer who answer phones and administer customers. There is some other task which done by Vehicle Maintenance Team and to purchase new vehicle which is a very best way of getting customer with new kind of cars, according to that they sale used vehicles which are with more mileage and were in service for long time, and proceeding of routine and emergency work.

Using Systems to convert Data into InformationThe company office administrator put customer and vehicle details and also helping the booking agents with filling and data entry and assisting the depot manager with the production of various reports for Head Office. In this case office administrator designs a table in a database in order to record information on the system or booking agent design spreadsheet for addition, multiplication or other accumulation in order to process payments. All these jobs have been done by either booking agents or office administrator is a system of converting or manipulation of data into information. In any case...