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Businesses and organizations are constantly seeking out more proficient and productive ways of doing things. They use information systems and try to acquire the latest software applications, which will help improve their business. Information systems are built so that they support the present and future goals of the organization. These systems can even give a business a competitive advantage.

Accounting software and information systems are crucial for maintaining any business. A business that is without these necessary tools is basically running blind. The organization that I chose uses SouthWare Innovations accounting software. SouthWare combines traditional accounting functions with innovative products and services to make work easier for organizations of all sizes in many industries (SouthWare Innovations Inc., 2008). This software provides the organization with financial tools such as payroll, cash flow, general ledgers, accounts payable and more. The organization also uses an accounting information system (AIS). This system records all of the information on sales, purchases, and other financial processes that the business might do.

The AIS keeps track of the costs associated with production and services. This data allows the accounting department track resources and it shows them how bad or well the organization is performing.

The management department of the organization relies heavily on the management information system (MIS). This system allows managers to get more work done in less time. When the MIS is used properly it can make an organization incredible more productive. The MIS collects, processes, stores and disseminates data in the form of information needed to carry out the functions of management (O'Brien, 1999). A management information system breaks down and records data so that managers can learn from the material. This helps the managers makes sale forecasts and helps them to make better judgment calls.

Information systems also allow the marketing...