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Sales Experiences

Intro to Business and Technology

February 9, 2014

Throughout my entire life I have shied away from any jobs that had to do with sales. In fact, even speaking with people and engaging in simple conversation has always been a struggle for me. As a consumer in today's market I have experienced both memorable positive and negative customer service based sales experiences. I think I can speak for most of us that as consumers we tend to remember the sales experiences that left a negative impression on us the most. Now these good and bad experiences help mold the way we as consumers function in a forever evolving market with endless purchasing options developed to better suit our needs and make things more efficient during the buying process. I will be sharing both a positive and negative experience that has helped shape the way I buy products as a consumer.

My most recent positive experience with a salesperson was at Oasis Bedroom furniture. I am usually timid to walk into furniture because most sales representative are waiting at the door to greet and sale, but not at Oasis. My girlfriend and I were able to walk into the store and check out a few bedroom sets before Frank approached and asked if he had any questions. Frank was friendly and informative when my girlfriend inquired about a bedroom set. Once all of our questions were answered Frank let us continue to shop alone, but informed us that he will be close by if we have any other questions. My girlfriend and I found a bedroom set that we really liked, but the dresser drawers were not as durable as we hoped, so we decided to ask Frank about...