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Instagram by Nick Bell

Instagram is an exciting fast growing internet based mobile only app that allows users to channel their inner artist by capturing photos and sharing them instantly .When Instagram was first founded in October of 2010, creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger knew they had something special on their hands. Their hunch proved to be correct when the app received its first million users within 2 months of its release. An updated version that included 4 new photo filters was released just 9 months later. It took just a few days after that update for the company to pass the 10 million follower mark. By the year's end Instagram became the I phone app of the year in a span of just over 14 months. The early adaptors of the app were strongly based on the west coast where users valued the unique style of photos the app produced.

These trendy people displayed their fashion and travels through the app which quickly circulated, making Instagram the cool way for people to show their individualism. It didn't take long for the creators to realize how popular the app had become and in April of 2012 the app was introduced to the Android operating system. This meant that the app was no longer exclusive to the I phone, and that the app would soon become the most relevant photo sharing app in the world. Their exposure was also aided in huge part to the Billion dollar purchase of the app by Facebook. The purchase and integration of the two social media giants sped up company growth to astronomical rates. This took a small start up app with only a few simple features speeding through the growth stage adding more features, a bigger network, and international exposure. The addition of...