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Many leaders throughout history have set high ethic and moral standards for their countries and themselves. There have been others who did or said anything and everything to get what they want. They have set goals or objectives for their country without any thought or standards on achieving their goals. We have to ask ourselves, "Do the ends justify the means?" In other words, do the end results of a situation show what was behind the situation? The ends do justify the means of integrity.

Integrity is one of the most important and misunderstood words in the world. There are two kinds of integrity, moral and intellectual. In politics however, intellectual integrity is the more common of the two types. There are a few people who we know who had no moral or intellectual integrity. These people were Adolf Hitler, Stalin, and Bush.

Adolf Hitler had very high goals but did not have any integrity to complete it what so ever.

He completed his goals (which were to get Germany power) by taking a way all the Jews rights little by little. After doing so, he made violent acts against the Jews and took all their money and attempted to kill them all. Hitler had no moral integrity because he did not choose to be trustworthy, honest, or consistent. Another man who had high goals but low integrity was Stalin. He was cold, harsh, and impersonal. Leaders like Stalin got the government to take over every aspect of public and private life. Stalin's goal was to bring his country's economic system up. He had no moral integrity because ho his harshness. President Bush wanted to stop terrorism in the United States so he lied that he had undeniable proof that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.