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What is Internet? Nowadays everybody knows what is the meaning of Internet and people from different ages, societies and religions use Internet all the time. Internet is an abbreviation standing for an "International Network". Internet is so popular in the modern world that most of the people would not believe that it first appears as a Local Network for the use of the American Military Forces. A few years later this Internal, at that time, Network starts growing up so fast that Internet becomes a part of peoples' everyday life and a well known word all over the world. Internet offers a lot of opportunities for people from every age, but it also ruins people's life by taking them in the virtual world.

Everybody enjoys doing Internet. People from different age groups can satisfy their needs and interests by using the Network. One needs just a computer and Internet provider and with one push of a button only can become a part of the virtual life offered by Internet.

Nowadays, kids are eager to go back home after school, so they can sit in their comfortable chairs and play all kind of games online with their Internet friends. They also chat with friends and random people. Everyone has his or her own willing to choose a chat room according to ages, interests, and location or simply by their current good or bad mood. These chat-rooms and Internet games are so interesting, that once the kids go to bed, their parents take their place in front of the computer and enjoy the new software.

Internet also offers a lot of different opportunities. One can easy find a car, a job or a new home. The person has to write the position that he or she is applying...