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INTERNET MONSTER The Internet is a great source for finding information. Collecting data for a research paper, looking for a house on the market to purchase, or if you're bored and want someone to talk to you can logon to a chat room and chat away. All of these advancements of our technology are great things to have, but did you know there are some things on the Internet that might not be so wonderful? In this paper I'll inform you about some of these things on the Internet that you might want to be weary of, before they became a monster in your house.

The Internet is a great advancement of our technology. You can do many things on the Internet. You can chat, play games; like chess, checkers, black jack, and some people shop on the Internet. But is the Internet prefect? I say no. I'm a student at Morehead State, I think that some things on the Internet can be unsuitable for small children, or even deadly if unsupervised, while surfing the net.

A small child or young teenager may become victim to a kidnapper on the chat line, to where the kidnapper can convince the child to meet with them outside the home. The child or young teenager thinking this is a friend when in realty this person is not. This is one monster of our technology that people should be weary of. What could be done to prevent this from happening? The parents should keep an eye on their children to see what they are doing, and basically do what a parent should also do, "supervise." This should prevent the monsters of the Internet from running a foul on your children.

Another monster on the Internet I can think of is pornography. Almost anyone can...