Introduction To Computer Systems

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Introduction To Computer Systems 1. Find some advertisements for PC's and write down the specification and prices. Are prices still falling and computers are computers becoming more powerful.

Above are two adverts for computers taken from newspapers. The first advert is selling a computer at a cheaper price than the second advert. This is because the first computer is being sold with an "˜Intel Celeron' 766 Mhz processor while the second computer is sold with an "˜Intel Pentium 4' 1.6 Ghz, the second computer is about double the speed of the first computer also the an "˜Intel Pentium 4' is better than an "˜Intel Celeron'. The first computer is giving you 64 MB Ram and the second computer is giving you double the amount with 128 MB Ram. The second computer is giving you DVD and CDR-W drives so you can watch quality films as well as CD copier, while the second computer is only giving you a normal CD-Rom.

The first computer provides speakers with the monitor that is only a 15" while the second computer provides Stereo sound speakers with a 17" monitor. Also the second computer provides a better graphics card than the first computer. From the two adverts that computers are becoming more powerful, but at the same time the prices are raising this is due to having better technology.

2. A given combination of binary digits in a byte may be interpreted in many different ways. Name four different things it could represent.

The binary pattern could represent a few characters, a number, a sound, or a tine portion of an image.

3. Name four different types of auxiliary storage found in a typical PC. Give one use for each of these of storage.

§ A CD-Rom- can be used to store large amounts of...