Investigation Into The History, Goals, And Disadvantages Of Cooperative Learning

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An Investigation 3 An Investigation Into the History, Goals, and Disadvantages of Cooperative Learning in the Classroom Cooperative Learning has been embraced by teachers across the nation as a revolutionary teaching strategy. Over the past decade, this model of teaching has emerged as a leading new approach for classroom instruction. Cooperative learning has been defined as a teaching strategy involving children's participation in small group activities. In this model, small teams of students are structured so they work together to achieve a common goal.

The purpose of this paper was to review current literature on cooperative learning. This paper was organized into four categories to present the information that was researched. These categories included: the history , the use of the model in the classroom, the goals of teachers and students, and the disadvantages of cooperative learning.

Cooperative learning was of importance because it has been a teaching model that has provided for interaction among students, allowed for the active exchange of ideas, and promoted critical thinking.

I chose this topic because I desired to know more about incorporating this model into the classroom. I wanted to acquire more knowledge about the implementation, advantages, and disadvantages of cooperative learning. I chose to explore research in this area so that my effectiveness as a teacher would be enhanced.

An Investigation 4 Review of Literature History Cooperative learning has been around for many years, considerably longer than one might think. Cooperative learning strategies have been the most extensively researched alternatives to whole group instruction. The theories and practices of cooperative learning date back to as early as the first century. The Talmud stated that, "In order to understand its content, each student must have a learning partner"� (Johnson, Johnson, & Holubec, 1994, p 18). In England, during the late 1700s, Joseph Lancaster...