An Investigation into the Language of Men and Women

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Through years men and women are considered to be people from different planets. They behave differently; have different habits, world's perceptions and ways of communication. Gender distinction plays, probably, the most significant role in the way of thinking of an individual - men's way of thinking greatly differs from women's. Therefore, since language performance is a purposeful reflection of one's power of apprehension, the manner of speech and its content among opposite sexes differs a lot. Ideas and thoughts on this topic have been developed for many years and many researches have been held. During all this period various theories and suggestions have been passing through a long path of development and, finally, stable and unchangeable notion on this subject has appeared. However, time passes and a lot of things change with every new day. What can we say about the language of men and women now? Does it really differ so much? It is necessary to look at this issue closer and deeper in order to answer the question and to understand the aspects of gender differences and similarities in the usage of language.

Attitudes to roles of men and women are mostly formed by the society. This process usually enables our unconsciousness - we follow the 'rules' created by the 'crowd', assimilating them as doubtless, and only some people are able to wreck these stereotypes and clichés and investigate something new or 'extraordinary' into life. Thus, since the early childhood boys are taught to be strong, not to cry, and not to express emotions lucidly, while girls are more likely to be much more emotional and tender. Girls are supposed to make a contrast with boys, who usually hide themselves under the veil of steadfastness and pride. These facts, actually, form behavior of boys and girls and also...