Invisible Children

Essay by ImpalerBugz February 2007

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Everywhere in the small, dingy alleys of Suburbia, bony children will approach you with a can, waving it hopefully at every passerby. Declining tactfully then quickly walking away, these passersby will slip into the masses, leaving the children depressed, losing hope of surviving in this futuristic world. Along with around fifty other kids, they would try to nick a few sweets from the shops, only to be denied by the newest and latest security alarms and alerts.

Some eateries would stake their license to throw their leftovers from the back door, rather than bring five days of food to the mechanized processing plants outside of the city. These children would then swamp to the refuse, shoving, and grabbing whatever they could. It did not matter if the food was pungent or perhaps expired, to be able to fill their empty stomachs were good enough.

Kind old ladies would drop a few cents into someone's can, and the lucky child would spend it on food as the others looked on with envy.

These "invisible children" were deemed as outcasts, ignored by most people. What could they do? Nothing at all. Sometimes, rich snobby people will shun the children, followed by loud insults and taunts of "untouchables". As angry as they were, the children could not retaliate, due to the unreasonable laws imposed by the monarchy of Suburbia. As helpless as they were, they belonged to the lowest level of the caste system, and there was nothing they could do.

The Drone would be feared by all "invisible children", as it meant either death or another week of starving and begging in Suburbia. It was an robotic exterminator to clean up the "invisible children" population that grew in such profusion. If it came, the children would flee, and the unlucky few who...