Iran and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Iran and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

�Iran and the Arab-Israeli Conflict


The historical context of Arab-Israeli conflict we have seen and put it in front of the leadership of the delegation and the leadership of the shadow government Wafd Kelmhat for the beginnings of this historic conflict, and we expect him to end his fate in the end. It is our belief and in-depth study after him for nearly half a century of conflict and there is between the Arabs and the Zionist settlement of Arab land and the center is not just a border between Israel and some of our neighbors from the Arab countries. As for Iran, it is considered to Israel since its creation in 1948 as a strategic ally, has announced the first Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion, "Israel should surround the Arab countries through its alliance with Turkey, Iran, and Ethiopia, in order to reduce isolation and to achieve its objectives.

It is here Israel has sought continually to forge closer ties with Iran, especially in the Shah of Iran. However, the Islamic Revolution in Iran led to the declaration reject the legitimacy of the Zionist entity and cut off relations with them directly, and handed over to the Israeli embassy in the former Palestine Liberation Organization. This is not a stranger to the Iranian regime as the new Islamic revolution has made ​​the support of Muslims in the world one of its fundamental objectives, and therefore made ​​the Islamic Republic of Iran to support the Palestinian issue a top priority.


When the beginning of the first century AD was the Jewish community in Palestine a Roman colony, such as Egypt and the Levant and the rest of the...