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There are several things that stimulated my interest to return to school. Earlier in life I had some problems and made some wrong decisions and it was those choices that brought me to a crossroads in my life. In November 1999 I decided to join the U.S. Army. The Army gave me four years of great training and job experience. What I have found while looking for jobs is army training is not enough. One of the benefits the Army gave me was to give me money for school. After finishing my four year commitment I decided to get out and return to college. Education is needed to succeed in life today it is my goal to return to school to better myself. I have worked many different types of jobs, good and bad, and have found myself lacking in some of the skills I need to succeed. After thinking it over, I decided to get a Bachelors degree in Information Technology.

I do not want to have to do menial jobs anymore. My work experiences have offered much on-the-job training and job-related skills, but it will be difficult to achieve the level I want to be at in my career without a degree. I want to learn for me, if for nothing more than to gain knowledge. . University of Phoenix online will give me a great opportunity for self advancement. The reason I chose the University of Phoenix online was the flexibility it allows me. University of Phoenix lets me attend school and also hold a full time job thus enabling me to support my family.

There are many hopes I have in returning to school. None of these hopes are stronger than the need to be successful. It will be nice to earn my degree at...