Its about college students addicted to the internet.

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College Students Addicted to the Internet

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., Oct. 21 - A few years Stacie Kawaguchi started tinkering with the Internet and she noticed an international pen-pal site. At the time a Kansas University graduate student in botany, Kawaguchi "met" folks from Canada, France, Japan, and Brazil. Through the internet, she even met her eventual fiancé, a Ph.D. candidate in engineering at Virginia Tech University.

"When you first start, you really get into it," said Kawaguchi, 26. "You get stuck on it for long periods of time."

Simply put, Kawaguchi was online and overwhelmed. "You stay up late instead of going to sleep," she said. "It sucked up a lot of time." In a few months, the novelty began to wear off. "After a while, it was like, geez, this is enough," she said, adding that many of chatmates were there night after night, even when she was gone for weeks at a time.

"Basically, their whole world revolved around being there."

Jonathon Kandell, assistant director of the counseling center at the University of Maryland, has found that college students--especially those in the 18-22 age range--are quite susceptible to an Internet obsession.

The search for identity, the need for intimate relationships and the need for control often play a significant role in this potentially unhealthy behavior, Kan