Ivan Albright and his Painting Among Those Left

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Ivan Albright and his painting Among Those Left

Ivan Albright is the famous American artist, born in 1897 near Chicago in the family landscape painter. Since early childhood together with his brother Malvin they were accustomed to painting and art. When the time to enter the Art Institute came, they flipped a coin, causing Ivan to study painting and Malvin to master sculpture. In his youth, Ivan Albright was keen on famous artists' works such as Rembrandt and El Greco. Surely, they particularly influenced all his outlook and approach to the image. His works are distinguished with specific mystery and gloom. Perhaps the reason lies in the First World War events, in which he participated and worked at a hospital in France. Death and life, the sense and purpose of the spirit, and everything that he saw and contemplated on during these terrible years, filled with pain and horror, reflected in his art and became the major American painter handwriting.

Ivan Albright wrote a very complex work, both technically and in design. That's what for the gifted artist received many prizes and awards.

Some of the mysterious dark Albright's works are the most thorough and scrupulous ever written, they often required several years to accomplish. Lace curtains or splintered trees were recreated using a one-hair thick brush. The efforts he made revealed in his unwillingness to part with the paintings and so he asked for them 30-60 times more than other artists. As a result the sales were rare. He relied on the support of his father, sometimes worked up as a carpenter. His earliest painting Lineman (fixer) was awarded and placed on the cover of Electric Light and Power commercial magazine (Baur, 1957). However, his stooped unhappy portrait...