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Japanese Business & Culture bus 258.1An investigation of Japanese corporate culture, its trends and changes.

Table of Contents1.0 Introduction

2.0 Procedure

3.0 Findings

3.1 Changing social culture.

3.2 Business Culture in Japan

3.3 Why change is needed

3.4 What is Japan and her corporations doing to develop and change

4.0 Conclusion

5.0 Bibliography

Japanese Business & CultureAn investigation Japanese corporate culture, its trends and changes.1.0 IntroductionThis report is based around the following quote: 'Japan's corporate culture is the product of uniquely Japanese social and historical influences, so deeply rooted as to easily repel outside influences. Bur Japanese corporations need to change their basic goals....'

This report will discuss nature of corporate culture in Japan, and why change is needed.

The maximum length is 2,000 words

2.0 Procedure

The report was produced using library based research because of the time scale and cost. The sources used include text books, journals and newspapers..

The references have been made 'Harvard Style' and can be found in the Bibliography.

3.0 Findings

The Japanese business culture has been described by Beedham as a culture that acts like a clan, in that there is a large amount of authority given to the man at the top, and in the commitment that is shown by the people around him, Beedham points out that this can be evident in the way that their car factories, investment banks and government ministries are ran.

This clan-like-behaviour has the effect of making decision making painfully slow, with compromises having to be met in all directions, but this is starting to change, as the people of Japan are starting to change and have different priorities. These changes can be put down to several factors that are changing in Japanese society as a whole.

3.1 Changing social culture.

The increasing...