Jesus and the beginning of Christianity

Essay by Qwoters December 2004

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Without Jesus ever being born there would not have been any Christianity in the world. Jesus was born in Nazarath, Galilee. He was called the divine son of God after he resurrected from the dead. If there wasn't any Christianity, the Roman emperor Constantine might have never seen the Christian symbol that he proclaimed he saw and would have never won the battle. Jesus was the main reason that the people established Christianity. His mission, resurrection, and his love for the people all had a major impact on the reason why Christianity was established.

Jesus' message was an important art in the process of establishing Christianity. His teachings were pretty much the basic beliefs for Christians. They reminded the people of what God expects from the people. Jesus traveled on a pilgrimage with his apostles making miracles, spreading monotheism, and teaching people the principles of the Ten Commandments.

Jesus taught the people to repent for their sins and only then would God establish a kingdom after death for those people. Jesus spread the message of love and peace between themselves, others, and God. These teachings were important to Christianity because they setup the basic structure for the religion. It gave the people rules to follow.

The resurrection gave people a reason to believe in Jesus. Even though Jesus was walking around the country spreading the word of God, some people still did not believe him. The Romans could not stand some of the people worshiping Jesus. A Roman governor named Pontius Pilate had Jesus arrested and crucified. Three days after Jesus' death he raised from the dead. At first people did not want to believe it but they eventually do. The people finally started believing that Jesus was the messiah. This was also important in the process...