How Jews were treated in the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

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Topic: How Jews were treated in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

This essay was done in order to discover the mistreatment of Jews in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Jews were discriminated by everyone and were at the bottom of the racial hierarchy in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In many countries the expulsion and admittance of Jews were a common occurrence. Massacres and forced conversion were also common acts committed as well. At times Jews were able to grow and thrive under some kind, generous rulers but they could never escape the deep rooted hate in all the Christians, civilians and those with power alike. They excelled in many fields such as medicine, science, and poetry but were mostly known as money lenders in business and trade. After having completed my research and my report it is clear that the Christians were often spiteful and jealous of the Jews and their achievements and tried to blame anything they could on them to get a reason to attack them.

But even so the Jews continued to persevere during these dark times and managed to succeed in many areas, contributing greatly to the countries that mistreated them.

During the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, Jews were mistreated, expelled, readmitted and killed in many countries in the world such as England, Germany, and the Netherlands. This report was done in order to find out more about the treatment of Jews during this time period and the lengths of which they suffered. Most Jews lived in the western part of Europe at the time, when Christianity was the most common and powerful religion. All the rulers and almost all the people who held power and authority at the time were Christian. The Church was also set on getting their people...