Jim Crow laws

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The Jim Crow laws

The Jim Crow laws are something that every single african-american and many white americans, will never forget about. "I am a white man, but today is one day that I am certainly sorry that I am one. I am disgusted with my country."

The laws varied from state to state in the south but the main thing was to distinguish black from white. For example, black people and white people couldn't be in the same waiting rooms, drink water from the same fountains, (or) sit next to each others on public buses etc.

All this affected African-Americans and a few white americans in south. They were mainly affected in unpleasant ways. African americans were never safe, and most of them were afraid to act against the laws, because they always felt like they were threatened to get shot, beaten, hanged or other ways to get killed on, by the white people. Most white people were fond of the way life was under Jim Crow laws, but some of them thought it wasn't right because they felt African-Americans were equal to them.

When they tried to help the african-americans to gain equality and respect, they were murdered by their own people.

State politicians who intruduced the Jim Crow laws didn't felt like racists. They believed instead that segregation benefited both black people and white people, but this wasn't true because the African-Americans were "second class citizens" and they couldn't get to have a chance to impact on society.

(B:2) A man named Booker T Washington, tried to fix this problem. He was advocating fellow African-Americans to join the workforce and become educated in order to have a greater impact on society, and thereby gain equality...