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Jeanne d'arc, commonly referred to as Joan of Arc was born approximately in January 6, 1412. At the time of her birth France had been at war with England for seventy-five years. This war became known as The Hundred Years War. As Joan grew older the war between France and England continued towards the destruction of France. While Joan lived she became a great leader and a respected military woman. This eventually led to Joan becoming a saint. Her love in God, her strong values and loyalty to France led her to make it her mission to save France from destruction. She valued piety, spiritual guidance from God and the liberation of France. These values ultimately led her to save France from destruction.

Joan was born in Domremy (France), a prosperous village in Champagne. She was the daughter of Jacques Darc and Isabelle Romee. She had two brothers named Jean and Pierre.

They all were considered honest and good Catholics. Joan was well brought up and valued her faith in God. She viewed the world from a patriotic point of view, she loved France and her mission was to free it. Her outlook of the world was through the eyes and word of God, she was very spiritual. Each day she prayed ardently and took communion frequently. Wherever Joan went God was eternally at her side.

Around the age of thirteen, Joan started hearing voices and visions. These visions helped Joan governor herself, as she stated at her trial. They told her to be a good girl and good Catholic. Her belief in religion, made her recognize these vision and voices she heard repeatedly. She listened to these visions because she valued the "Fathers" word, whom she believed these voices were from. In later life she started hearing the...