Job Analysis of Behavioral Health Case Manager

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Job Analysis of Behavioral Health Case Manager

As a Behavioral Health Case Manager, I am responsible for providing individual and group mental health services in a therapeutic environment. Services include direct skills training for clients such as proper hygiene and anger management techniques and management of the behavioral program utilizing various program approaches and providing appropriate treatment interventions. The overall job objective is to assist in individualizing services for adult mental clients requiring comprehensive, structured, therapeutic services designed to provide rehabilitation and intensive support to prevent hospitalization and relapse and to assist in development of community living and pre vocational skills. Other objectives include providing individual and group counseling, coordination, provision or arrangement of needed services, advocacy and development review, and updating of treatment and service plans.

The seven most critical functions that are required of me are the following:

1. Carrying out treatment plan interventions as indicated on the client's service plan (Each week I have to meet with each client to ensure that he/she is working towards their short-term and long-term goals).

2. Providing structure and rehabilitation activities to clients (The clients are required to attend groups which enable them to become accustomed to structure as well as help rehabilitate themselves).

3. Implementing behavioral program and individual skills training (The clients attend classes that assist them in improving and/or developing pre-vocational skills to prepare them for the workforce).

4. Advising program coordinator and client's ongoing therapist of clinical concerns and/or progress (Every week, I meet with my program coordinator and onsite therapist to advise them of each client's progress and/or concerns).

5. Documenting program progress or related information for each client and behavioral observations in the rehabilitation activities (There is abundance of procedural paperwork that must be completed daily and weekly for each client. The documents are filed...