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To the people of the brave new world

As I sit here in my lighthouse and look out into a world of corruption and entrapment I write this letter and hope that one day it will be found and become a catalyst to changing the ways of the world. I am john the savage the illegitimate son of Linda a Beta minus. I was born in what people of this world call the scattered packet of uncivil disorder the reservation.

My childhood days weren't too pleasant and were filled with constant rejection. My mother's refutation is what hurt me the most, all my life I would hear my mother say to me "I'm not your mother" or "I won't be your mother". I didn't understand why she'd say that, I didn't comprehend why my mother did a lot of the things she did. The society in which we lived in was dominated by Indians.

"They disliked me for my complexion" they wouldn't allow me to participate in any activities, disreputably embarrassing me by pulling me out and saying " not for you white hair" "not for the son of a she dog"

I grew up absorbing 3 cultures: the utopia that mother had informed me about, the Indian culture which surrounded me, and the captured culture with in the plays of William Shakespeare.

As a child for me the happiest times where when my mother would tell me about the other place, a world where you were always happy. I would spend endless hours dreaming of living in the other place and then one day my preys where answered by a civilised man named Bernard. Finally I thought to myself I'm going to have a sense of belonging and be happy. My expectations for this place were excessively...