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In our world today, people are dying daily due to various causes i.e diseases, famine, natural disasters. However gun violence, war has taken away more lives than any cause. Take for example, each year an average of roughly 16,272 murders are committed in the United States. Of these, about 10,886 or 67% were committed with firearms. (NRA 2010). Despite these alarming figures, there are people who believe in thoroughly controlling guns and those who believe in no gun regulation at all. In general, the gun control community wants to limit the availability of guns, which is a supply- reduction strategy while the National Rifle Association (NRA) claims that each citizen has a right to own a "fire arms". Despite this claim, they favor extremely tough sentences for criminals who use guns. This is known as a demand-reduction strategy. ( Carroll 2005 ).

There are many reasons and arguments as to why the government should restrict the availability of guns to the public with the aim of reducing violence.

Firstly, having more handguns in circulation results in more violent crimes; the most common fire arm known to be used during murder cases is the handgun. This is because of its small size in nature. It could easily be carried around and hidden. Although it has a small capacity for bullets, it causes extreme damage to the victim. Owning this gun also increases a person's risk of being killed. Secondly, by introducing gun control, it would place qualifications for people who meet the qualifications to own a gun. This would lead to less people having guns and only the more responsible people in the world owning them. I think this would reduce both crimes and deaths.

Furthermore a law banning the sale of all assault weapons should be introduced. Instituting a...