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THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES THE CALL The call comes into place after the Union Army burns down his house and kills his family. Then a group of riders who haven?t given in to the Union comes riding in. They see what has happened to Josey Whales house and invite him to come ride with them to get revenge.

THE THRESHOLD Anderson then asks Josey if he will surrender with the rest of his riders. Josey declines the proposal and goes into the wilderness. When the riders come to pledge oath, all of them are lined up to pledge oath. As all of the men are pledging into the Union they all are shot. When Josey sees them all getting shot, he immediately rushes down to try and rescue them. He shoots one of the guys with the big gun and starts shooting Union men all around.

THE MENTOR/HELPERS The first helper that Josey has is one of the riders.

The Kid is what he is known by because of his boyish looks. Every time that Josey and The Kid get into and out of any kind of trouble, he always says ?We whooped them again.? The Kid dies after he is shot being rescued by Josey when the rest of the outlaws go and surrender. The next helper that Josey encounters is an old Indian named Lone Wattie. He comes into play when Josey enters the Cherokee Nation. When Josey goes to get Lone Wattie a horse he sees an Indian squaw getting abused by some fur traders. So now Josey has two other people in his company. The next three helpers came when Josey and his helpers came over the hill. He saw a band of bandits terrorizing the wagon train. Josey saved the wagon train and recruited two women, and one man. Then the group of people came into a town and kind of got a couple more.

THE CHALLENGES Josey and The Kids first challenge was back at the camp when the southern riders surrendered. Josey then overtook the mini-gun and shot most all of the Union army. The Kid was the only rider who survived the massacre. All that happened to him was that he was shot. Down the road Josey went to go on a ferry to go across the river. There the Union soldiers followed him and tried to cross the ferry only to get the rope shot that held the ferry strait. After the two of them crossed the river, they encountered two bushwhackers. The bushwhackers thought they were going to get an award for capturing Josey Wales but The Kid acted like he had a bag of gold on him to distract the bushwhackers. The only thing that The Kid had under the blanket was a shotgun waiting to be fired at one of the bushwhackers. Right after that encounter The Kid was dead. He just went too hard with a bullet in him. From there Josey went to the Indian Nation to get more supplies. After Josey met Lone Wattie, he went to the trading post to get him a horse. There he met two guys who tried to capture him and get the reward money. Of coarse Josey shot both of them down.

The ABYSS The abyss happened when Josey went up to the Comanche Indian Tribe and talked about the circumstances that his friends are staying in their territory. He talked to Chief Ten Bears and basely said that he came here to talk peace, and he came here to die if peace didn?t work out. Ten Bears accepted peace and shook hands with Josey.

TRANSFORMATION AND REVALUATION Josey transforms when the Union army track him down and the people who Josey helped were backing him up. That is when Josey decided to stay in the house.

THE RETURN Joey returns to his house with all the people in Comanche territory. He is seen riding off in the sunrise and the movie is over.