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Kristin Kroha

April 8, 2004

JRN 160 B

[Health Fair]

"Woah!," shouted Lauren Thompson as she peered into the Health Fair that took place on April 7th, 2003. "Look at all the stands; all the people; all the free stuff!" Thompson, a freshman at Quinnipiac, was just as excited as many of the students, when the Health Fair came to the Alumni Hall with a whole day's worth of information sessions and free giveaways.

Students freely came in and out of the Alumni Hall, with plastic bags in hand. "No one has left empty-handed," says Kalin Glass. "There are tons of different stands giving away different souvenirs and prizes, all promoting one thing: health awareness. From sexually transmitted diseases, to depression, to the flu; there were stands for a lot of the hazardous health issues, that as students, we are faced with today. I found this information session enjoyable and informative all in one!"

However, not everyone was as satisfied with the Health Fair as some.

A freshman by the name of Christina Apicella found the student-oriented Health Fair to be a waste of time. "Why would they inform us of health issues that we are already aware of; that we are constantly reminded of? We all had health class in junior high and I don't find the idea of sexually transmitted diseases to be anything new. If people don't understand the safety precautions that go along with taking care of their body by now, then they should be researching health-awareness on their own."

Whether students were satisfied or found the Health Fair to be a not-so-impactual of an experience, the turn out was abundantly high. Students came in with groups of friends, re-visited with their room mates, and all of them left with a grab bag and some important...