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Essay Writing July 09,2000 The Joy Luck Club The pain of four women led to the joining of The Joy Luck Club. This movie is based on the bestseller written by Amy Tan describing the experiences of four women who emigrated from China to the United States. Each woman's story contains horrendous experiences in China and shows how those experiences affected their relationships with their American born daughters.

Each woman had gone through difficult times with their mother's but now those women are mothers themselves in a strange world, America. Since the economy was extremely bad in China, one of the women had to abandon her thirteen year old daughter because she could not support her anymore, due to China's economy. The only way to keep her honor was to move to America. In America, she remarried and had another daughter. Unfortunately, her daughter was ashamed of her because she was Chinese and not an American.

In the movie, they struggle because the mother fears to be close to her daughter because she does not want to disappoint her. The daughter also seems to think that her mother is not pleased with her marriages and decisions, that led to a lot of contradictions.

Another woman had to abandon her two children in China because she thought that she was going to die. She did not want to bring bad luck to her two daughters because no one would want their children to see their mother dying. She believed that she was going to die but , was saved and brought to America. Even though she remarried and had another daughter, she had to live with the pain of not knowing what happened to her two little girls. While living in America, she put all her hopes to her...