The Joy Luck Club

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How some characters in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club reflex aspect of her life

Amy Tan has become one of the most successful Asian-American writers of our time. Her first work of fiction "The Joy Luck Club" was published in 1989 and became the longest running best seller on the New York Times hardcover best-seller list for that year. Not only that, it also received numerous awards, such as the Bay Area Book Reviewers Award for Fiction, the American library Association Award and many more awards. This novel has been very popular ever since. After reading Amy Tan's biography and her novel "The Joy Luck Club", people were fascinated by how her characters in her novel reflex aspect of her life. Some stories were really based on her own family story. Furthermore, the relationships between mothers and daughters that Amy Tan described in the story was reflected with her personal life story about the relationship that she has with her mother, Daisy Tan.

Amy Tan describes in "The Joy Luck Club" the lives of four Chinese mothers and their daughters through their personal stories. Some of the stories that she mentioned were her family life stories. The An-mei Hsu's mother's story was exactly the same story of Amy's grandma. Actually Amy Tan tells the readers her own grandma's sad life through An-mei Hsu's voice. Same as An-mei, Amy's mother, Daisy Tan had witnessed her mother's death. Daisy's father had died when she was very young. Her mother, the widowed Jing-mei had been forced to become the concubine of a rich man who raped her because she refused to marry him. Later Jing-mei bore the rich man a son. It became a more tragic story after one of rich man's principal wives...